Best Plumber Cost Guide 2023 – Hourly Rates, Call Out Charges

Hiring a professional plumber is often necessary when issues arise with your home’s plumbing system. However, plumber rates can vary widely depending on several factors. Our plumber cost guide will explain everything you need to know about average plumber costs and pricing for 2023.

Average Hourly and Daily Rates for Plumbers

Service Cost Range Time Description
Average Hourly Rate £40-£80 (UK), £100+ (London) Per hour Standard hourly rates for plumbers.
Daily Rate £450-£550 Per day Fixed fee for a full 8-hour workday.
Minimum Fee At least 1 hour Per job Minimum charge before discounts.
Callout Fee £100-£150 Per visit For emergency visits, on top of hourly/daily rates.
Emergency Hourly Rate £100-£150 (average) Per hour Higher rates for urgent issues.
Emergency Callout Fee £100-£150 Per visit Flat fee for assessing emergency problems.

These are standard prices for regular weekday appointments. Nights, weekends, holidays warrant premium emergency rates.

Emergency Plumber Callout Rates

For urgent issues like burst pipes or gas leaks, emergency plumbers charge higher premium rates:

  • Emergency Hourly Rate – Between £100-£150 per hour on average. Can be 2-3x higher than regular daytime rates.
  • Emergency Callout Fee – Expect to pay a £100-£150 flat fee just for the plumber to assess the problem. This accounts for the inconvenience and travel costs.

So for a midnight pipe burst or gas leak, the total cost would include the elevated emergency hourly rate plus the standard callout fee. Callout fees often apply nights, weekends and public holidays when overtime rates are in effect.

Factors That Impact Plumbing Costs

Several factors influence how much plumbers will charge for a given repair or installation:

Type of Job

The complexity of the task is a major cost determinant. Simple faucet repairs or drain unclogs cost less than re-piping an entire home or installing new bathroom fixtures.


Jobs in cramped spaces or requiring demolition of walls/floors take more time and work, increasing labour costs.

Parts and Materials

Any necessary replacement parts or new plumbing materials get added onto the total job quote.


Plumbers serving remote areas far from their base location often have higher rates to account for drive time.

Emergency Needs

Urgent plumbing issues requiring after hours or weekend service warrant premium emergency fees.

Average Costs of Common Plumbing Jobs

Here are typical price ranges for some of the most common plumbing services:

Unclogging a Toilet

  • Cost – £75 to £150
  • Time – Takes 1-2 hours on average
  • Process – Involves using augers or high-pressure water jets to clear clog

Fixing a Leaky Sink

  • Cost – £100 to £150
  • Time – Takes 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Process – May require replacing washers or other worn fittings

Replacing a Toilet

  • Cost – £145 to £315
  • Time – Takes 1 to 4 hours
  • Process – Includes removal and installation of new toilet

Repairing a Boiler

  • Cost – £80 to £400
  • Time – Takes 1-2 days typically
  • Process – Depends on boiler type and complexity of repair

Installing a Shower

  • Cost – £250 to £380
  • Time – Takes 2-8 hours
  • Process – Timeframe varies based on required plumbing modifications

As shown, jobs requiring more time, expertise, materials, and accessibility considerations tend to cost more overall.

Additional Plumbing Services and Costs

Beyond everyday repairs, plumbers can provide these additional services:

  • Power Flushing – Cleans built-up gunk in pipes and radiators. Costs £385-£590 on average.
  • Installing Radiators – Connecting new radiators to plumbing system. £90-£150 per radiator, 1-2 hours.
  • Replacing Water Heater – Swapping out old, faulty unit for new one. £300-£450, takes 0.5-1 day.
  • Fixing Burst Pipes – Finding and repairing leaks. £100-£200, takes 1-2 hours.
  • Major Repiping – Replacing all pipes in a home. £2000+ depending on materials.

For big projects, get multiple quotes to compare rates and pricing between plumbers.

Tips for Hiring and Working with Plumbers

Follow these tips when hiring and interacting with plumbers:

  • Get Multiple Quotes – Compare rates from several licensed professionals before selecting one. This allows you to find the best price.
  • Understand Pricing – Ask questions to clarify all charges, fees, and costs upfront so there are no surprises.
  • Hire Certified Plumbers – Licensed and insured plumbers have proper qualifications to provide quality work safely.
  • Check Reviews – Look at online reviews and talk to previous customers to gauge work quality.
  • Book in Advance – Schedule non-urgent work ahead of time to avoid premium emergency fees.
  • Be Onsite During Work – Oversee the process and ask questions in real-time to understand what’s happening.
  • Combine Jobs – Have them complete multiple repairs in one visit to save rather than doing each separately.
  • Get a Contract – Have a written contract detailing the agreed pricing, timeline, and expectations before starting.
  • Get a Receipt – Confirm exactly what you’re being charged for with a receipt for the work completed.

Following these best practices helps ensure you hire reputable professionals for any plumbing project.


This complete guide covered everything related to plumber costs and pricing for 2023. Average plumber hourly rates range from £40-80 across the UK. Several factors like job type, location, materials, and emergency needs impact the final price.

Use this information to understand fair market rates when hiring for repairs or installations. Getting multiple quotes and asking the right questions sets you up for success with any plumbing job.


Plumber Cost Guide FAQs

How much does a plumber cost per hour?

To hire a plumber, expect to pay around £40-£60 per hour for routine plumbing work. Emergency call outs on nights/weekends may cost up to £100 per hour. Experienced plumbers can charge over £60 per hour.

What is the average cost for an average plumber call out?

When you need to call a plumber for an emergency visit, there is usually a £100-£150 call out fee on top of an elevated hourly rate. For a standard appointment, they may just charge their normal hourly or day rate.

How are plumber prices and fees determined for plumbing work?

Factors like job complexity, location, parts/materials, time required, emergency vs scheduled visit, minimum hours, and more impact how much plumbers charge. Difficult plumbing work will cost more in labour and material costs.

What qualifications should a plumber have?

Look for licensed plumbers certified by Gas Safe or WaterSafe for gas and water work. Qualified plumbers ensure quality installation around £60 per hour.

Should I get multiple quotes for a plumbing job?

Yes, compare rates from 2-3 local plumbers before hiring one. This helps ensure you don’t overpay. Ask each for hourly and day rates and compare costs.

How can I save money on plumber costs?

Ways to reduce plumbing costs include: scheduling work in advance, combining jobs into one visit, comparing installer quotes, providing your own materials, and negotiating rates.

What plumbing jobs should be left to professionals?

Any major plumbing projects like pipe replacements, heating repairs, or large scale kitchen/bathroom installs should be left to qualified licensed plumbers only.

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