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Expert plastering services in Brighton and Hove

Plastering is the process of applying a layer of plaster to a surface. It is most commonly used to cover walls and ceilings but it can also be used to fill holes and cracks. We provide expert plastering services across Brighton and Hove. Our plasterers are trained in all aspects of the trade and are able to provide you with the best service possible. We have been operating in the plastering industry for over 20 years and we have built up a great reputation throughout the industry. If you need your home re-plastering, get in touch with us today.

Why choose us?

Our plasterers have the skills and experience to ensure your project has a high-end finish. We are reliable and keep to project schedules as shown in our checkatrade reviews. We keep our clients informed on the progress of projects and are clear about pricing and project expectations.

We acheive top-quality results for our clients. Our approach is professional and we are commited to completing projects on time and to the highest standards. Get a free estimate for your plastering project today.

  • We engaged Rainbow to have internal painting and decorating of most of a 4 bedroom detached house. The work was completed to a very high standard in a very reasonable… read more

    Tim Baxter Avatar Tim Baxter

    Work was completed professionally and on time, no complaints

    Liz Finch Avatar Liz Finch

    Great experience with all the team at Rainbow who worked on a complete renovation to the front and side of our property. Couldn’t recommend highly enough – from start to… read more

    Russell M Avatar Russell M
  • Prompt, friendly, courteous, thorough

    James Stafford Avatar James Stafford

    A massive thanks to Kev and his team for a brilliant job on my bathroom renovation which included the removal of a non-load bearing internal wall, full damp proofing, building… read more

    Rowan Bastable Avatar Rowan Bastable

    I commissioned Rainbow to re-render just under our roof. Although busy, Kev fitted us in and did a fantastic job.

    Timothy John Jacobs Avatar Timothy John Jacobs
  • Kev and his team are so reliable, responsive and professional. They always had a solution when the inevitable unforeseen issues with an old house came up and were flexible and… read more

    Laura SeQueira Avatar Laura SeQueira

    We used Rainbow to help fix some house structural problems – cracked walls and roof problems – and to give the exterior a much needed smartening up. Very glad to… read more

    Chris Cousins Avatar Chris Cousins

    Rainbow Building Plumbing & Electrical Services recently moved a kitchen and a boiler to new rooms within the house for us. The work required involved kitchen fitting, plastering, carpentry, flooring,… read more

    Ed K Avatar Ed K
  • Kev and his team did a great job of replacing my bathroom including all walls and flooring. They worked exceptionally hard to produce a great result within the time-frame… read more

    Annemarie Rogers Avatar Annemarie Rogers

    Kev and the team did a wonderful job on our kitchen and even managed to get it all back working in a week! They did encounter some plumbing… read more

    Kate Avatar Kate

    We recently used Rainbow Building on a project to refurbish our kitchen and install new, wider patio doors. Kev has long experience in the industry, and has great attention to… read more

    Foz Fozard Avatar Foz Fozard


Our plastering services


We have completed numerous plasterboarding projects over the years and our clients have been immensely pleased with the results. This is due to us using only the best materials and equipment, and we work with the utmost professionalism. We also make certain that nothing is left undone and that we clean up after ourselves.

Dry lining

We are very particular as expert drylining contractors when selecting the appropriate plasterboards because there are many different types to suit the situation. Our drylining contractors know how to fix it, whether it’s directly to the wall or ceiling or to a secondary framework.


Choosing the right render, materials, and products can sometimes be difficult. There are numerous house rendering systems available on the market, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Based on your budget and other requirements, our team can advise you on the best rendering products to use.


Skimming is a plastering technique that involves applying a thin coat to walls in order to create a smooth surface for painting or decorating. Skim plaster is either applied over an existing plaster finish or used to cover plasterboard. The ‘perfect skimmed finish’ is difficult to achieve; it requires a trained professional with years of plastering experience.

Float and Set

Floating and setting requires a wet undercoat plaster, such as sand and cement, or a browning/bonding coat, which is troweled onto the walls at a thickness of 11mm. The skim coat is applied after the undercoat plaster has set to a semi-firm state. The advantage of using this method is that it insulates sound and heat better than plasterboards.


Venetian plastering (aka Polished Plastering) can be used to create depth of colour and texture for a modern or classic look. We provide a highly versatile finish that can be used in a variety of environments, both internally and externally. It can even be applied to ceilings and used as a replacement for stone flooring.

Ceiling repair

Is there a gaping hole or unsightly stains in your ceiling from a leaking pipe or roof? Have cracks started to appear in your ceiling as it ages? Is your popcorn or plaster ceiling cracked or crumbling? Our team handles all types of ceiling repairs, such as cracked or damaged plaster/drywall, accidental holes, and more. While ceiling damage can be concerning, it is repairable with the right professional.

Artex skimming

Artex seemed to be the answer to everything back in the 70’s. However, it is no longer fashionable, and most people want their artexed ceilings covered up. The good news is that it is a relatively simple job with impressive results. Your stipple or broken leather pattern Artex ceiling will be covered with smooth plaster, drawing attention to your lighting.

Plaster coving

Decorative coving is well-known for giving your room ceilings a one-of-a-kind appearance. We install plaster coving, plaster cornices, ceiling roses, dados, and other architectural plaster mouldings. Plaster coving products are used to enhance the interior plaster walls and ceilings, but they can also be used to enhance the beauty of the building’s exteriors. 

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Plasterer FAQs

Plastering costs vary greatly depending on what needs to be done, the size of the room, and any additional complexity, such as access.
A simple plastering repair for just one wall or area of a room, for example, is likely to cost much less than plastering the entire room. If a room needs to be plasterboarded before skimming, the cost will be much higher than simply skimming a wall, and it will also take much longer to complete.
If you can provide the room dimensions, we can provide an estimate over the phone; however, to provide an estimate for the plastering work, we will need to come and look at what is needed, inspect the condition of the area to be plastered, and take our own measurements.

Plastering will typically dry out in 3 to 5 days, however there are a few variables that will alter how quickly your plaster dries. The length of time it takes for the plaster to cure will depend on how thick the plastering is. Before skimming, a foundation layer or bonding plaster may be needed if any places need more work, such as if there is a vacancy, a significant fracture, or a gap that needs to be filled.
As a result, it may take longer time for the plaster to completely cure in some areas than in others since they are thicker. The plaster may need up to two weeks to completely dry before it is ready for painting and decorating if there has been extensive infill. The temperature and ventilation of the room will also impact how quickly your plastering will dry. Although it can be tempting, it is not advisable to turn the heating up all the way to hasten the drying process.
The plaster will dry too quickly from too much heat, which could lead to cracking or haze. The ideal situation for your freshly plastered walls or ceiling to dry is to provide some ventilation by gradually opening a few windows. You can turn on the heater, but we advise keeping it at a low setting for a few days after the plastering is finished. This will prevent the plaster from breaking and speed up the drying process.

Before you consider decorating, please make sure your plaster is completely dry. It will take the plaster at least 3-5 days to dry completely, and perhaps longer. The plaster will be a light pink colour and all brown spots will be gone once it has dried. We advise using 50 /50 ration of water and paint for the first mis-coat.

Artexing can be plastered over, although there are frequently some additional preparation processes needed. It would be preferable if we could examine the artexing so that we could advise you on the necessary actions and provide you with a precise quote. We can also determine whether there is asbestos on the artex surface and offer any suggestions for an asbestos survey.
Depending on the thickness and design of the artex, it might be required to scrape back the artex to flatten the peaks before covering the area with PVA and plastering over it. Since this procedure can be messy, in some circumstances we may decide to fill out the artexed surface by first flattening it with a bonding coat before skimming it.
Depending on the artex’s thickness, the size of the area to be covered, and whether or not there is coving in place, we will choose a different route. Our top objective will be to help you get rid of your artex in the least disruptive, cost-effective manner possible. Give us a call, and we’ll send someone to take a look and inform you of the necessary steps.